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Googan: Defined

A Googan is a Treasure Coast term used by local fishermen to describe ‘idiots on the water’. They are dangerous, oblivious and lack talent when operating boats, tying knots, choosing the correct fishing gear and the like. A Googan might look capable and confident, but be careful around them. Their lack of knowledge, skills and abilities around the water can disturb your day in any number of ways. Usually, their confidence far outweighs their competence, and their ineptitude shows itself rather quickly through either words, appearance, or actions.

Why Name it “The Googan”?

The coffee shop owners, Jim & Tanya Mitchell, moved to their waterside home on the intercoastal waterway in Hobe Sound, FL in early 2015. They were excited to live on the water and begin experiencing the boating culture on the Treasure Coast. They bought a boat, and in short order, sank it at their dock. As the boat was settling on the bottom of the canal, a few neighbors began whispering a term “Googans”. Just like that, the Mitchell’s were labeled Googans. They were now known as idiot fishermen by the neighbors.

Boat Taking On Water

The Mitchell’s sons, Adam and Andrew, were young and ready to learn more about EVERYTHING on and under the water. They fished with anyone who cared to share a lesson, they attended classes on freediving, went fishing in the Bahamas and learned to catch sharks on the beach. They became skilled at methods to put ‘fish on the boat’, both offshore and in the intercoastal waterway. They spent the next five years learning how to live like a local and put the term “Googan” well behind them. After graduating from school, the boys left home and began their lives. Adam went off to play baseball in college and Andrew joined the Navy was stationed in Japan.

As the idea of a family-owned coffee shop began to take shape in 2021, everyone in the family pitched in to help design, paint or lift a piece of equipment into place. The store itself was always going to have a local maritime feeling. Waves, fish, sea turtles…even a manatee holding a cup of coffee were going to offer customers a local ‘feel’. The design and textures were decided on…but a business name was not. One day while on a long-distance call to Japan, the family told Andrew that he was missed and loved dearly. Everyone was a bit sad he couldn’t be part of building the family coffee business. They did, however, have an important job for him. The Mitchell’s told Andrew he had the task of coming up with the name for the coffee shop. He had to name it. After a brief pause, Andrew loudly stated, “We’re calling it THE GOOGAN!” We all looked at each other and smiled.

The Googan it is.

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